About us

We, World Arabian Pharmaceutical company (WAPco), are specialized in exporting all kinds of cosmetics (both hair care products and skin care products), pharmaceuticals, sutures both absorbable and non-absorbable) and other disposable medical material all over the world especially in Arab area and Africa and we provide our customer with many service which help them to gain high market share and higher growth rate. Also we are specialized in building hospital and solar energy power station turnkey.


We are the World Arabian Pharmaceutical Company (WAPco), which is located in Cairo. We are specialized in exporting the Egyptian Medicine and cosmetics to all over the world through selecting the best medical products and saving them for our customers in a great way. We achieve our aims through pleasing them and saving the medical and health care. We want a global spread for our medicine and achieving the global market rate in the same field. We aim to become the first medical exporter in Middle East through maximization of our revenue using the recent marketing technology. We will serve our employee through selecting them and qualified them to become the best qualified. We also work only in first degree quality and some grade B+ no other than that serving our consumer restfulness.


WAPCO seek to be one of the greatest manufacturing and exporting company for health care products in Egypt and middle east in the next 10 year by gaining trusted customers based on reputed business.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers hold leaders in Egyptian market and many other markets and we aim to be distributed all over the world and be one of the market leaders all over the world